Rules, Regulations, and General Information

The purpose of these rules and regulations is to aid in providing Cedar Ridge RV Park guests a secure, comfortable, convenient and attractive environment. They also set guidelines for the appearance of individual RVs and the space they occupy, thus preserving the value of each resident's property.

It is impossible to have rules and regulations covering every contingency and situation. Residents have the responsibility to inquire into any policy that may not be published in these Rules and Regulations. Failure to do so is not grounds for the granting of an exception.

  • Guests are required to pay appropriate camping fee on arrival. Please do not change assigned site
    without office approval. Visitors are welcome but must leave or register by 10:00 p.m.
  • MAXIMUM speed is 5 MPH.
  • Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. anything considered a nuisance will not be tolerated to
    include running generators, loud voices, sound equipment, door slamming, etc. Please be considerate
    of others.
  • Do not leave trash sitting out. Dumpsters are provided throughout the park.
  • Outside storage of personal items is not allowed. Please keep your site neat and tidy.
  • Damage or destruction .of any property will be paid for by the responsible party. Management is not
    responsible for loss or damage of personal property caused by fire, theft, or accident.
  • No loaded firearms, BB guns or fireworks are allowed on the property.
  • No RV or vehicle washing allowed in the park. Our guests staying with us on a monthly or annual
    basis may wash their vehicle twice per month.
  • No open fires are permitted in the park or in Pine Haven. Propane gas grills are acceptable.
  • All messages will be placed on the message board at the office or will be brought to campsites on an
    emergency basis only.
  • No clotheslines at your site please.
  • Parents must be in charge of their children at all times.
  • Pets are to be kept on a leash of 6 feet or less and attended at all times. Campers must clean up after their pet's droppings (strictly enforced). Pets should not disturb other campers with barking and aggressive behavior. No more than two pets per site. An established pet walking area is available for your pet's use.
  • All vehicles must be parked on the non-grassed area of your site. Each site is limited to a maximum of
    two motorized vehicles at any time.
  • Do not put doormats or rugs on the grass.
  • Tents are not permitted, nor any unit that is not self-contained.
  • All gray water must be contained or discharged at your sites sewer connection.
  • All RV's will be accepted on the basis of condition and appearance.

Reservations, Refunds and Cancellation Policy

If you wish to amend your reservation or extend your stay, you must give the administrative staff ample notice. Cedar Ridge RV Park cannot guarantee dates other than the dates of your original reservation. We require a deposit or payment of the first night's stay to hold your site. Individual cancellations or changes must be made in writing and received 14 days in advance to receive a refund. On shorter notice, deposits are refunded only if we are able to re-rent the space. A $10 handling charge will be withheld in either case. Group cancellations are subject to forfeiture of deposit.